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Every woman wants beautiful and healthy nails that last as long as possible and do not take too much time to apply. Nowadays there are countless ways and methods to manicure the nails, the Dipping Powder application of Doonails Professional is a brand new technology in the race.

At first glance, the quickest and easiest way to manicure your nails is to apply a conventional nail polish from the drugstore. However, the application with nail polish brings some pitfalls with it and is therefore, at second glance, perhaps not the fastest way for permanently beautiful nails.

Application with nail polish at a glance

You can apply nail polish at home relatively quickly and easily and saves the trip to a professional nail salon, but anyone who has ever used nail polish knows that appearances are unfortunately deceiving.Depending on how opaque a varnish is, it often requires several layers so that the color really covers. However, this method often results in a very unnatural and uneven image and the drying of the nails also takes a lot of time.

Conventional nail polishes are very thin and liquid in consistency and therefore offer the nail no stability. So it is not left out that the nails easily crack or break.

Even when removing the manicure with nail polish remover, the removal of bright dark colors presents many users with problems. Intense colors often cannot be removed without pressure and scrubbing and discolor the cuticles around the nail. Due to the contact of the remover with the cuticle, this is strained and dries out.

Probably the most annoying fact is that in most cases you have only a few days of pleasure in his painstakingly painted nails, before the varnish after 3-4 days splinters or partially dissolves in its entirety. Chipped nail polish is probably the fastest way to ruin any manicure, no matter how beautiful and elaborate, and create an unkempt appearance.

Instead of wasting your time trying to fix your chipped nails, try Powder Nails instead! Dipping Powder nails are the easiest way to get chip free and long lasting nails!

A Dipping Powder manicure is ideal for all women who are looking for long-lasting color and chip-free nails, while continuing to focus on a quick manicure from home.

Dipping Powder nails are actually an incredible breakthrough in nail technology. All you need for your gorgeous nail manicure is the Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional. The professional kit for home use includes everything you need for your perfect manicure.

The application of the Doonails products is very simple and a breeze for anyone who can paint their nails normally, as the nails are just painted with different liquid polishes and then dipped in the different powders.

The finish is shinier and smoother compared to regular nail polish and is topped off with a glossy or matte top coat in the final step. The Dipping Powder method will give you gorgeous nails that are very strong and durable, guaranteed not to chip or break. A Doonails manicure lasts up to 4+ weeks and can also be replenished and renewed at any time from the comfort of your own home.

Even removing the manicure is no problem thanks to the specially developed Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit. The applied powders are gently and completely painless released from the nail.


Comparing the two applications, it can be stated, nail polish is a quick means to an end and definitely achieves beautiful results, but nails only last a few days after painting and often tend to split, crack or chip.

In contrast, the Doonails Dipping Powder method, with its ease of application, provides a long-lasting manicure that lasts 4+ weeks from the comfort of your own home. You create beautiful salon-quality nails for yourself.

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