Nail care in the cold season

Nail care in the cold season

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In winter, many people suffer from dry skin and especially in the cold half of the year it may also be a little more care for hands and nails, because they also suffer like the skin under the cold temperatures. Cold, rain and dry heating air deprive the skin of moisture and make it quickly become brittle and cracked. To prevent this, it is especially important to care for the hands and nails intensively.

Why do our hands need so much care in winter? If the outside temperature falls below 8 °C, the skin's sebaceous glands produce less oil and the skin's protection against dehydration is greatly reduced. Hot showers, which are very popular in winter, also contribute to the removal of this protective layer, and even in warm rooms with dry heating air, moisture evaporates and is transported to the surface of the skin to compensate. This often leads to cracks in the nail beds and also the nails themselves are additionally stressed. Often, especially in winter, there is a lack of vitamins and nutrients due to the less nutritious diet, although vitamin D in particular is extremely important for the nails and their healthy development. Without sufficient supply, fingernails cannot adjust their moisture balance and dry out, becoming brittle and fragile.


Apply cream
When applying cream, the following applies: If you are outside in the cold for a longer period of time, you need a grease-rich cream. On the other hand, if you spend more time indoors, you should use a moisturizer. People who tend to have dry skin more often need particularly high levels of moisture. It is recommended to apply an intensive moisturizing cream to the hands several times a day. Cracked hands, on the other hand, care for with a very greasy cream that is left to soak in overnight.

Olive oil against rough hands
A simple beauty tip against rough hands is a home remedy that has so good again at home - olive oil. The oil must be applied generously to the hands - do not forget the cuticles - before going to bed. To further enhance the effect, it is convenient to then put on cotton gloves and wear them for the night. This may take some getting used to, but you will be rewarded with super soft hands the next morning.

Food supplements
Often the body lacks certain nutrients such as zinc, iron or vitamins. The diet, which is particularly low in nutrients during the winter, and which for many people is mainly based on fats and carbohydrates, does not produce the necessary amount that the body needs to adequately supply the metabolism. Therefore, it is helpful to also resort to dietary supplements, which can be purchased in pharmacies, but also in drugstores.

Simple, but very effective. Whether you are outside in the cold or inside doing housework, wearing gloves is essential to protect your nails from external influences such as cold air or even harmful cleaning products that dry them out.

Rich nail oil
The Doonails Nail & Cuticle Oil strengthens your nails, brings brittle nails back into shape and provides the nail area with optimal moisture.
It is wonderfully suitable as winter care to soften dry cuticles and give your nails a natural shine. Due to its soothing effect, Doonails nail oil is also ideal for all skin types.

Cracked, rough, brittle fingernails that chip - none of this has to be the case if you adjust your nail care routine in winter and give your nails the attention they need, especially in cold temperatures. If you follow the Doonails Professional nail tips for the cold season, your nails will be in top shape and look great all winter long, despite the strain. Your hands are your business card and so protect and care for them in the long term and create a well-groomed appearance.

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