Come possiamo aiutarti?

Hai domande sul tuo ordine, sui prodotti per immersione o sull'applicazione? Qui puoi trovare rapidamente e facilmente le risposte a molte domande frequenti.

Come possiamo aiutarti?

Hai domande sul tuo ordine, sui prodotti per immersione o sull'applicazione? Qui puoi trovare rapidamente e facilmente le risposte a molte domande frequenti.


Polvere da immersione

Il Dipping Powder System è una combinazione di polveri e liquidi che promette unghie belle da salone in modo facile e veloce e un miglioramento naturale delle unghie che dura a lungo senza una lampada UV!

Dipping Powder può essere utilizzato sia sulle unghie naturali che sulle punte artificiali. Le nostre polveri sono finemente macinate per garantire risultati perfettamente lisci, uniformi e puliti.

Con una tavolozza di oltre 80 colori, puoi creare il tuo set dei tuoi colori preferiti. I nostri prodotti sono vegani, privi di animali e naturalmente privi di sostanze chimiche nocive.

Il complesso legame tra Dipping Powder e i liquidi previene scheggiature e screpolature. Se applicato correttamente, il risultato può durare fino a 3+ settimane! Incredibile, vero?

La polvere base non è un must, ma serve come strato protettivo e protegge l'unghia da possibili scolorimenti.

La polvere di base può essere utilizzata anche come ultimo strato dopo la polvere di colore in modo che il risultato del colore non venga modificato o sbiadito dalla successiva limatura e modellatura. Lo consigliamo soprattutto per le polveri glitterate.

Alla Cipria Base

Yes, you can use our Dipping Powder not only on long nails, but also on short nails.

Our products have all been tested several times and are KVO-compliant, which means that they are safe for your health.

Nevertheless, we recommend avoiding long-lasting manicures such as dipping powder, gel, Shellac etc. during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you do decide to use them, we advise you to discuss this with your doctor in advance.

The base powder is not a must, but it is used for protection: as the first layer, it protects the nail from any discolouration, which is particularly useful for dark and bright colours.

The base powder can also be applied again as the last layer after the colour powder so that the colour result does not change or fade due to the subsequent filing. Highly recommended for glitter and metallic colours!

And if you prefer a dipping manicure with more than 3 coats, you can make an excellent build-up with base powder under the two colour coats.

Dipping Powder is not suitable for children.

The powder and liquids should not be inhaled, swallowed or spilled by children.

Our Dipping Powder products are professionally formulated nail products, packaged in user-friendly kits for home use and should be kept away from children.

We recommend not using any long-lasting manicure methods before the age of 16. Similar to gel or acrylic, there are a number of products used that children should not come into contact with. We cannot take responsibility for children reacting to the products in any way, developing nail fungus or greenies, or damaging natural nails if used incorrectly.

The powder in the tin is always very light in colour and doesn't look like the result on the nails at first glance. They only develop their full colour intensity when combined with base coat, activator and top coat.

Our pictures in the shop are unprocessed and adjusted to 2 colour layers. Colours look different on nails depending on the light (daylight or studio light). We have tried to capture the colours in as many variations as possible.

In addition, the colours on pictures may vary depending on the screen (brightness, night mode, etc.).

Here you will find an overview of all the ingredients in the individual products.

Our products are tested for safety in a laboratory and comply with the strictest European cosmetics standards. We have carried out various tests to ensure that they are safe for your health - both for your skin and for your nails. The ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging so you know exactly what you are using.

We take particular care to avoid problematic ingredients. For example, we deliberately do not use benzoyl peroxide, which can be found in some powders and acrylic powders. This substance can trigger sudden allergies and attack the cuticles. In addition, our products do not contain HEMA or DI-HEMA and are therefore a good choice for people who are allergic to gel products.

If you are allergic to acrylic, we advise you not to use our products. We also recommend that you take a quick look at the ingredients before use. Everyone can react differently to cosmetics - this also applies to nail products.

We offer practical sets to get you started in the world of dipping manicures. These starter sets contain everything you need for a simple dipping powder manicure at home.

The term 'dip flu' is not a medically correct term, but a colloquial expression that describes various short-term reactions to dipping products. These include: watery eyes, sneezing or a blocked nose. The reason for this is the vapours from the base and top coat. The ingredients are common to the dipping system and are non-toxic, but the reaction can vary from person to person.

Here are some tips on how to prevent symptoms:

  • Ensure good ventilation: it is important to apply in a well-ventilated area.
  • Ensure adequate lighting: Avoid leaning over the nail when applying the liquids, as you will inhale the vapours directly and are therefore more likely to have a reaction.
  • Use a mask: If you are particularly sensitive or do manicures frequently, wearing a mask can help.

In the appendix you will find another detailed overview with tips on how to prevent the symptoms.

We would like to reiterate that Dip Flu is not a specific reaction to our products, but is due to the composition of Base & Top Coat in the dipping system. This means that reactions can also occur with other dipping products and brands.

If your reaction is stronger than described above or lasts longer, we advise against further use. In this case, please consult your doctor and have a possible allergy clarified.

Your safety is very important to us!

Greenies are greenish discoloured areas on the natural nail and are nothing to worry about. If, for example, lifts have formed in the dipping manicure or dipping has been done on injured nails, moisture and dirt can easily accumulate in the gaps and subsequently discolour.

We recommend that you refrain from washing your hands immediately before dipping and work very thoroughly during application.

If a greenie has formed, disinfect it regularly and allow it to grow out completely. You can then continue with the dipping manicure as usual.

However, if you are unsure whether it is a nail fungus after all, we recommend that you seek advice from your trusted pharmacy.

Yes, our dipping powder products are free from formaldehyde and 7free.

The ingredients of our products have all been dermatologically tested and are subject to the strictest European cosmetic standards. Nevertheless, it may happen that someone reacts to one of the ingredients individually, as with other cosmetics.

If you have an allergy to other nail products, this does not necessarily mean that you will also react to our products, as the ingredients here are fundamentally different.

We take particular care to avoid problematic ingredients. For example, we deliberately do not use benzoyl peroxide, which can be found in some powders and acrylic powders. This substance can trigger sudden allergies and attack the cuticles.

In addition, our products do not contain HEMA or DI-HEMA and are therefore also a good choice for people who are allergic to gel products.

If you are allergic to acrylic, we recommend that you do not use our products.

All our products are also gluten- and soy-free and can be used without hesitation in case of intolerance.

If you are generally prone to allergies, you should check the ingredients on our website beforehand.

Here are our tips for a smooth and even result:

  • It is very important to only ever apply a thin layer of base coat.
  • Dip your nail into the powder at a 45° angle.
  • Wait a few seconds after dipping before removing the excess powder.
  • Use only gentle brush strokes when removing the excess powder.

No. Our products do not belong to the category of natural cosmetics, just like other long-lasting manicure methods. So far, it is only possible to produce water-based nail polish that dissolves with every hand wash.

Even though our products are not considered natural cosmetics, we place great importance on their safety and on avoiding possible allergic reactions and similar aspects.

This phenomenon is generally known among dipping systems. We therefore recommend dipping dark / intense colours in summer. Alternatively, you can simply file off the yellowed top coat, reapply Activator and seal the whole thing with 2 coats of top coat. Your manicure will be as good as new!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add a UV filter to the top coat due to its composition.

Although our nails are strong, they are not insensitive to long-lasting manicures. Immediately after removal, the nails may temporarily be a little softer. But don't worry, within a short time - often within a few hours, but no later than the next day - they will become firmer again.

Loving care is particularly important during and after the manicure.

Also, don't forget to take regular breaks to give your nails a little breather.

When you remove your dipping manicure, be careful not to tear off the layers forcibly. Be gentle on your nail plate and avoid excessive sanding of the natural nail.

Treat your nails to a rich nail oil, strengthening nail hardener, nourishing nail serum or nourishing nail cream. Make sure you use high-quality products.

You can also support your nails from the inside out by eating a balanced diet and, if necessary, taking supplements for your skin, hair and nails. It is best to discuss this with your doctor.

Usually, after the first coat of Activator, the nail is filed into shape again and the surface is levelled with a buffer. Glitter and metallic colours are quite sensitive and can lose their shine.

We therefore recommend dipping a layer of base coat over them and only using the Activator afterwards. This preserves the unique effect.

Our neon, shimmer and metallic colours are somewhat denser and more compact in consistency than our standard colours. We therefore recommend that you leave the nail in the jar a little longer when dipping in order to optimally absorb the powder.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle the powder over the nail to achieve a perfect result.

Our dipping system is generally durable and resistant. However, strong solvents can affect its durability. We therefore recommend always wearing gloves when working with solvents or harsh cleaners. This prevents direct contact and protects the dipping manicure from damage.

PMMA has been classified as a safe ingredient that does not cause sensitisation or irritation by the CIR, the scientific body that evaluates the ingredients of cosmetic products. Products containing PMMA can therefore be used without hesitation.


Shellac is a nail polish that is cured under UV light. In a dipping manicure, the nails are coated with a base coat and, as the name suggests, dipped in a powder. Curing takes place with the help of an activator and not under a UV lamp. In addition, our products are based on other ingredients, which makes dipping powder particularly well tolerated by people with allergies to gel or Shellac.

Acrylic powder

Please note that our powders are not the same as acrylic powder. Although these two variants are related to a certain extent, they are not the same product.

In contrast to acrylic powder, our powders are much finer in grain size and therefore ideal for dipping. The result is a uniformly beautiful surface.

In addition, unlike our products, most acrylic powders contain benzoyl peroxide.

If you are allergic to acrylic, we recommend that you do not use our products.

Acrylates are widely used in nail industry products. The development and severity of an allergy varies from person to person as each body reacts individually to ingredients. If you have any concerns or notice symptoms that make you feel unsure, please consult a doctor who can make an accurate diagnosis and provide further recommendations.

First of all, we would like to point out that CI77891 is considered harmless in the cosmetics industry. The ingredient is used as a colour additive in very small quantities in our products. Furthermore, we can assure you that we have already carried out extensive tests on the subject of "Dip Flu" and that a connection is unlikely.

Our dipping system complies with all EU legal standards, so you can use it without hesitation. However, as they are cosmetic products with a chemical composition, they could pose a risk to both the environment and your health if handled or disposed of incorrectly. We therefore recommend that you read the instructions carefully and use the product accordingly.

In general, we do not recommend putting nail products (especially those used with acetone) in the dishwasher where they may come into contact with food-safe utensils. Instead, you can simply clean them with washing-up liquid and then leave them to dry on a paper towel.


This is how you apply our dipping system: 

  • Apply a thin layer of base coat and dip your finger into the base powder.
  • Apply another thin layer of base coat and dip the nail into the colour powder.
  • Repeat the process for optimal coverage and colour intensity.
  • The layers are then cured with the Activator.
  • The top coat seals the whole thing and gives the nails the perfect shine.

No UV lamp is required for application.

Allow sufficient time between the individual steps and work carefully and precisely. This will help you achieve the best results and enjoy your dipping manicure for a long time.

Allow sufficient time between the individual steps and work carefully and precisely. This will help you achieve the best results and enjoy your dipping manicure for a long time.

You can find our video for beginners here.

Il Brush Cleaner & Softener (Brush Saver) pulisce e rimuove lo scolorimento o i residui indesiderati dai pennelli liquidi, impedendo loro di indurirsi.

Puoi semplicemente sostituire il pennello sporco o appiccicoso con quello del Brush Cleaner & Ammorbidente e lasciare semplicemente il pennello del rispettivo liquido in ammollo durante la notte. È importante asciugare le spazzole con un panno prima di sostituirle in modo che i liquidi non entrino in contatto tra loro.

Il Brush Cleaner & Softener non dovrebbe mancare in nessuna applicazione. È importantetant pulire i pennelli dopo ogni utilizzo per evitare qualsiasi residuo in modo che i liquidi non si scoloriscano o si induriscano.

Al detergente per pennelli e ammorbidente

Se il Base Coat entra in contatto con la polvere in eccesso, questo può causare l'indurimento del pennello.

Inoltre, i pennelli non devono essere lasciati all'aria troppo a lungo e devono essere sempre immersi nel liquido dopo ogni unghia per evitare l'indurimento naturale dovuto all'aria.

Il top coat può anche indurirsi se l'attivatore non è stato lasciato asciugare completamente durante l'applicazione.

Per evitare questo, usa semplicemente il Brush Cleaner & Softener! Lasciare la spazzola dura in ammollo nel detergente per pennelli e ammorbidente durante la notte. Il giorno dopo sarà di nuovo come nuovo.

Lo strato di base e lo strato superiore sono colla cosmetica. Devi stare attento che non vadano a finire sul collo della bottiglia, altrimenti il ​​coperchio si chiuderà.

È necessaria una corretta spazzolatura sul collo della bottiglia per evitare che i liquidi si attacchino.

Dovresti assicurarti di spazzolare sempre lo stesso lato della bottiglia in modo da non coprire l'intero collo della bottiglia.

Sometimes small, unnoticed mistakes creep in during application, which affect the adhesion and the result.

Have you checked out our video specifically about cracking and chipping? You'll find lots of tips and tricks there, as the right manicure preparation is also super important.

Pro tip: With flexible nails, it is important to create a strong structure to prevent lifting. The less the natural nails can move under the layers, the better it will hold. The build-up is very easy to do with the transparent base powder, so the colour result is not changed.

In principle, nothing speaks against it, as long as it is also part of a dipping system. However, we cannot guarantee a successful manicure as each system is designed to work together.

Yes, the Dipping Powder adheres perfectly to both natural and artificial nails. The application is the same in both cases.

Take a look at our tutorial especially for fake tips.


Yes, that is possible. After applying and drying the activator, you can continue with your usual shellac manicure.

Gel extension

Of course you can! You can also apply our dipping powder to existing gel modelling. The gel allows you to skip the base coat during application and start directly with the colour powder.


No problem at all! For example, you can create a natural nail enhancement with the dipping powder and apply your favourite nail polish on top.

Even if you want a quick colour change and don't have time to fill in your dipping manicure, you can simply paint over it with the nail polish.


Abbiamo fatto molta attenzione a utilizzare solo i migliori ingredienti nei nostri prodotti, motivo per cui siamo orgogliosi di affermare che i nostri prodotti sono certificati PETA Animal Free & Vegan.

Puoi trovare i dettagli esatti degli ingredienti qui.

Se soffri di allergie o sei sensibile a determinati ingredienti di prodotti per unghie o cosmetici, inviaci una e-mail e ti consiglieremo individualmente.

Qui troverai una panoramica di tutti gli ingredienti dei nostri prodotti.

Se non sei sicuro di non tollerare un ingrediente, ti consigliamo di testare i nostri prodotti prima di acquistarne altri per determinare eventuali reazioni.

No! I nostri prodotti sono al 100% privi di HEMA e privi di perossidi di benzoile.

The Doonails remover liquid has been specially formulated for cosmetic use. It is very important to use cosmetic grade acetone.

We strongly advise against using acetone that is not clearly labelled for cosmetic use, as it may be contaminated and is not suitable for contact with skin or nails.


What is the Brush Cleaner & Softener and what is it used for? (Brush Saver)

Our Brush Cleaner & Softener gently cleans and removes unwanted discoloration or residue from your liquid brushes and prevents the brush tip from hardening. You can simply replace the dirty or sticky brush with the Brush Cleaner & Softener and store it in the bottle overnight before replacing it.

Make sure to dry the brush with a paper towel beforehand so that the liquids do not mix.

To prevent your liquids from sticking or hardening, you also need to remove any residue from the brushes after each use. We have prepared a short video to show you exactly how to care for your liquids properly.

To prevent the neck of the bottle from sticking, make sure you always brush the brush in the same place on the neck of the bottle and remove any residue from the neck of the bottle after use.

If the bottle cannot be opened, we have a trick for you: simply pour some hot water over the neck of the bottle and try to open it with a towel.

We have also produced a suitable tutorial for the correct care of the liquids.

The top coat brush can harden if it comes into contact with the Activator.

You can prevent this from happening in future:

  • Always observe the drying times of 2 minutes between Activator and Top Coat.
  • Before you apply the top coat, you can dab the surface dry again with a piece of paper towel.

    If your brush is already hard, you can simply swap it for the Brush Saver and leave it to work overnight. The brush will be as good as new the next day.

    Before you swap the brushes, please make sure to dry both well so that the two liquids do not mix.

Cyanoacrylate is a synthetic chemical that is not of animal origin. Therefore, a product that contains cyanoacrylate as an ingredient can be labelled as vegan.

Our liquids are based on cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate is often used in medicine to seal wounds or in eyelash adhesives. Superglue is also based on this substance.

Nevertheless, the raw materials from which the cyanoacrylate is produced and its composition are crucial. We make a conscious effort to avoid controversial ingredients and all our products comply with the guidelines of the Cosmetics Regulation (KVO), which is considered the strictest in the world.

The Activator is indispensable in our dipping system: on the one hand, it hardens the individual dipping layers and allows you to then touch up any unevenness with a file or buffer.

Secondly, our top coat also needs the activator to dry in minutes. It is therefore important to always apply Activator before the top coat.

Your top coat needs the Activator to cure properly. It is therefore very important to always apply enough Activator before sealing your design with the top coat.

Also make sure to observe the waiting time of 2 minutes between the liquids.

Pro tip: If the top coat doesn't look good on your nails after a while, you don't have to remove everything straight away. You can simply gently file off the top coat, reapply Activator and seal the whole thing again with 2 coats of top coat.

Yes, that is not a problem. We recommend allowing the last Activator layer to dry for around 3 minutes, then applying the UV Top Coat and curing it under the UV lamp. It is also possible to apply only one layer of Doonails Top Coat and then apply and cure the UV Top Coat.

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