How can we help you?

Do you have questions about your order, the dipping products or the application? Here you can quickly and easily find the answers to many frequently asked questions.

How can we help you?

Do you have questions about your order, the dipping products or the application? Here you can quickly and easily find the answers to many frequently asked questions.



The application of the dipping powder is quick and easy. By combining different liquids and the powders, great manicures can be conjured up. Together with the base powder, the base coat forms the basis and protects the nails.

Simply apply the base coat and dip it into the base powder, then apply another thin layer of base coat and dip the nail into the colour powder. This step is repeated to achieve a high opacity. The nails are then cured with the Activator. The top coat seals the whole thing and gives your nails the optimum shine.

The application does not require a UV lamp for curing. Do not rush between steps and work your way through nail by nail to get a great result.

Yes, of course! We have collected all the video tutorials on one page.

To the video tutorials

You can make up to 30 applications with one powder jar and up to 15 applications per liquid.

Basically, it is always an individual decision whether to take a break between manicures. If your nails are not used to a long-lasting manicure at the beginning, we recommend that you take a break of at least 3 days between manicures.

Our nail oil intensively moisturises your nails and cuticles. Please do not apply any other polish or nail hardener during the break.

Yes! Not only can you use Doonails on long nails, but it's also super easy to apply on short nails.

Our products have all been tested several times and are KVO compliant, which means they are safe. However, I would advise you to avoid long-lasting manicures such as dip powder, gel, shellac etc. during pregnancy and breastfeeding.If you do decide to use them, I would recommend that you discuss this with your doctor beforehand.

Of course you can fill up your dipping nails without any problems!

Yes, a pedicure is also possible with Doonails. With the help of the "spoon" shape of the cuticle pusher, you can easily pour the powder over your nails. To collect the excess powder, you can place the powder box underneath or you can use an additional container.

We also have a video tutorial for the pedicure.

For a natural nail look, Ghost Clear is just the thing. The transparent powder gives your nails a beautiful shine and makes them shine.

Combination with other products

The Dipping Powder adheres perfectly to both natural and artificial nails.

The application on nail extensions is the same as the application on natural nails.

Of course. You can do a nail extension with gel and do the Dipping Powder application normally on the gel nails.

As you have a layer of gel underneath, the base powder is not absolutely necessary. You can start directly with the colour powder.

Natural. You can make a natural nail enhancement with the doonails and work with nail polish over them at any time.

If you want a quick colour change and don't have time to fill up your Doonails manicure, you can simply paint over it once with nail polish.

You can glue anything you like onto the manicure and make beautiful designs.

You can glue the embellishments onto the finished manicure or apply them before the top coat.

The top coat is also ideal as a glue for the stones.

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