Easter Bunny Design

Easter Bunny Design

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Are you ready for eastern?

In this video, we show you a simple Easter Bunny design 😍

🐰 Apply a layer of Marshmallow on all nails
🐰 Then apply Base Coat circularly to the top of your nail and dip in your colour powder
🐰 Draw the ears with a fine liner brush and Base Coat, then dip in your powder
🐰 Apply a layer of Base Coat and Base Powder to protect your design.
🐰 Before continuing, paint Activator over your Easter bunny design
🐰 For an ombre effect, sprinkle the colour powder over the tips of your nail with a brush and fill the transition with Base Powder
🐰 Now apply Activator again and file your nails into shape
🐰 Now all you have to do is finish your nails with two coats of Top Coat and you're ready for Easter!

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