Mismatched Design

Mismatched Design

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How it works

This mismatched nail design lets your nails shine in different colours. Start by preparing your nails by removing cuticles with a cuticle pusher and filing your nails into shape.

Apply our primer and let it dry. Then apply a layer of Basecoat and dip into Basepowder. Remove the dust and apply Basepowder again. Now you can dip two fingers in Girly Pink and colour the other fingers with other colours like Senorita, Tropical Orange and Date Night.

Repeat this step on all fingers for better coverage. Apply Activator, file your nails into shape and draw a line with Basecoat. Use a brush to apply "Malaga" and repeat on another finger with "Senorita".

Now apply Activator one last time and seal your nails with Topcoat. Finally, pamper your cuticles with nourishing oil.

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