Spring Babyboomer

Spring Babyboomer

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In this video, we show you how to easily create a baby boomer.

We use "Soft Lilac" and "Sugar" for this purpose. 💅🏻🤫

  1. Start with the preparation. Push back your cuticles and file your nails into shape.
  2. Next, apply a layer of Base Coat to stabilise your nails.
  3. Now apply Base Coat and Base Powder.
  4. Now you can apply "Soft Lilac". Apply a layer of Base Coat and dip in the doonails Powder.
  5. Let dry for a while and apply Base Coat again. Now sprinkle "Soft Lilac" on the tip of your nail with your brush and use "Sugar" for the lower part.
  6. Repeat this step in reverse to create a prettier gradient.
  7. Now apply Base Powder again to seal your design.
  8. Now apply Activator and file everything into shape, seal everything with Top Coat and use our nail oil for care.

Of course, you can also combine other dip powders to create great effects. In the video, we show other combinations you can try out. 😍

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