Floral Lavender Design

Floral Lavender Design

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This design practically screams sunny walks and the first scoop of ice cream! With this, you'll bring spring right to your fingertips 🪻💜

Here's how it's done:

  1. As with every design, we start by thoroughly prepping our nails: gently pushing back the cuticles with a wooden stick or manicure stick and removing any invisible cuticles at the nail edge. Then we shape the nails and gently roughen the entire nail surface with a buffer.
  2. Next, we apply a thin layer of base coat and dip into our base powder. This protects your nails from discoloration and ensures a sturdy foundation.
  3. Following that, another thin layer of base coat goes on the pinky and index fingers, and we dip both nails into the spring-like lilac shade Bang Bang. To make the color really pop, we repeat the process.
  4. Then, we apply the base coat on the middle finger and dip the nail tip into Bang Bang as well. Here, feel free to use our French dipping form for assistance in creating an even French line. The rest of the nail gets a sprinkle of our nude shade Rosie. Again, we repeat the process for optimal coverage.
  5. Finally, we apply one last layer of base coat and base powder to protect the French design during filing.
  6. Now, onto our spring blossoms: we apply another thin layer of base coat and dip into our delicate Rosie.
  7. You know the drill: two layers here too, for full coverage.
  8. Next, we take our Silicone Fine Liner Pen, pick up some base coat with it, and draw six circles in the middle of the nail tip for our flower petals. Then we dip into Snow White. If the color isn't strong enough yet, feel free to apply a second coat. We gently brush off the excess powder.
  9. After that, we lightly press down the flower petals with the angled side of a wooden stick to flatten them slightly and make the design smoother with the nail. We repeat this process until we're satisfied with the number of flowers on the nail. Again, we finish with a thin layer of base coat and base powder to ensure a smooth nail surface and prevent damage during filing. If necessary, we can now clean the nail edges with our wooden stick. This ensures a particularly even result and prevents any lifting caused by dipping manicure product on the skin.
  10. Next up is our activator: we generously apply it to all nails and let it dry for 2 minutes.
  11. Any unevenness at the nail edges or on the surface can now be gently smoothed out with a file, and if necessary, we can reshape the nails a bit.
  12. Another round of activator follows, which we let harden for another 2 minutes.
  13. For an extra dose of bling and a special eye-catcher, we now add some base coat to the center of each set of 3 flower petals using our Nail Art Tool, place our rhinestones on top, and press them down firmly.
  14. Finally, we seal everything with 2 layers of top coat and nourish our cuticles with some nail oil.

Floral designs are simply perfect for the warmer seasons, as they exude pure joy and lightness. With this, we're finally saying "Bye bye!" to the cold days 👋💐

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