Babyboomer Manicure

Babyboomer Manicure

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A trend that has been around for several years and has never lost its hype is the baby boomer manicure. A total must-have for all lovers of nail design and fashion this year too.

The special and big difference from the classic French nails, which are often confused with the Babyboomer look, is that the colours blend into each other and the lines that actually demarcate the white tip to the pink undertone gently blend into each other. This creates a very natural colour gradient from the base colour to the brighter white of the nail tip.

Baby boomer nails are perfect for any nail type and also for any occasion. Simple, stylish, exciting and glamorous at the same time, you will enchant the world with your manicure.

How it works


First, prepare your nails for the treatment.

Gently push back your cuticles with the Doonails manicure stick and file your nails into the desired shape. Then lightly roughen the surface of the nail with the fine side of the file.


First apply a thin layer of Base Coat and then dip your nail directly into the base powder. Then gently pat off the excess powder and use the brush to brush off the excess.


Apply another thin layer of base coat and set out the SNOW WHITE DIPPING POWDER and VALENTINE CRUSH DIPPING POWDER.

Using your brush, dip first into the Snow White Powder and gently tap it over the tip of the nail. Do the same with the Valentine Crush Powder on the remaining 2/3 of your nail. The powders should blend together and the nail should be completely covered to create a smooth transition.

Then gently brush away the excess powder towards the nail tip.


For a covering colour result, repeat step 3 on all nails.


Now use the Activator Coat on all your nails and leave it on for 2 minutes. After the curing time, carefully file your nail surface to get the desired shape and thickness. It is best to use the fine side of the file.


Apply another thin coat of Activator Coat and let it dry on your nails for 2 minutes.


Finally, apply the Top Coat and wait 2 minutes.


Then repeat step 7 to get a nice finish. Done!

PS: You can literally use any other Doonails colour to create a modern ombre design. 💖

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