Wedding design

Wedding design

We understand how important it is for you to look your best on this special day, and that includes your nails. That's why we would like to inspire you with some wedding nail designs.

Congratulations on getting married!

Weddings are an unforgettable moment in every couple's life. When it comes to looks on this special day, nails should not be neglected.

From classic French manicure to sparkling glitter designs,there are endless possibilities for a beautiful wedding design:

  1. Classic, elegant French
  2. Brilliant & sparkling nails
  3. Timeless & natural baby boomer
  4. Casual but elegant nude
  5. White, over white

    Classic, elegant French

    For a classic and elegant choice, we recommend a French manicure. This timeless nail design gives your nails a clean and groomed look and goes perfectly with any wedding dress.

    French Nails
    French Nails mit ovalen Nägeln


    Brilliant & sparkling nails

    How about a sparkly look that makes your hands shine?

    Glitter Nail Designs are currently very popular and offer a beautiful way to complement your wedding outfit.

    Glitzer Hochzeitsdesign Schlicht
    Glitzer Nageldesign für die Hochzeit


    Timeless & natural baby boomer

    Are you looking for a timeless nail design that is not too flashy but still exudes elegance and naturalness? Then the baby boomer is exactly what you are looking for for your wedding. You can wear your nails in different nail shapes and lengths and combine them well with glitter stones or other embellishments.


    Babyboomer Hochzeitsdesign
    Glitzer Babyboomer

    Casual but elegant Nude

    Nails are characterised by a subtle colouring that is adapted to the natural skin tone. This creates a very casual, yet groomed look perfect for any wedding.

    Nude Nägel Hochzeit
    Nude Hochzeitsnägel mit Nailart


    White, over white

    White wedding nails are timeless, chic and go perfectly with any kind of wedding dress. And best of all, white nails match any skin tone, so you don't have to worry about them not matching your complexion. So what are you waiting for?

    Treat yourself to this classic choice and let your nails shine on your special day!


    Snow White Hochzeitsnägel
    Weiße kurze Nägel


    What is your favourite wedding nail design?

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