6 nail designs for the perfect festival look

6 nail designs for the perfect festival look

Discover the best festival nail designs for your next event! From neon colours to glitter and metallic looks, we have the best 6 ideas for you.
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Spring is here and with it comes the festival season! And what would a festival look be without the right nail design? Whether shiny or sparkling, pastel and playful - with these 6 festival nail designs you are guaranteed to be the eye-catcher at every event.

Our Top #6:

    Nail design #1: Glittering rainbow colours

    Let's start with the classic festival nail design: rainbow colours. Set accents with glittering colours in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple and become an eye-catcher.

    Festival Nägel Regenbogen

    Neon Colour Set x Girly Pink x Gala Gal

    Nail design #2: Flower wreaths and pastel accents

    For a romantic look, we recommend nail designs with flower wreaths and pastel accents. Whether in pink, lilac or light blue - with this nail design you will be the flowery highlight at every festival.

    Festival Nägel Blumen Design

    Raindrops x Snow White x Ghost Clear

    Nail design #3: Rocking black

    Rock the festival with our Dipping Powder nails in black! With the matte finish, you'll be ready for long days and nights of music and adventure.

    Rockiges Nageldesign

    Dark Dream x Matte Top Coat


    For an even rockier look, decorate your nails with studs or other metallic accents.

    Nail design #4: Bohemian chic with subtle details

    If you prefer a more natural look, bohemian nail designs are a great option for the festival look. You can decorate your nails with pastel or nude shades and upgrade them with glitter or metallic accents.

    Bohemian Nagel Design

    Peach Blush x Rhinestones transparent

    Nail design #5: Glitter colours for the ultimate party look

    Glittery accents: Use glitter polishes to transform your nails into sparkling works of art. Whether used as highlights or spread across the entire nail surface, glittery accents are perfect for festivals.

    Glitzer Festival Design

    Nail design #6: Animal eye-catchers

    With nails in animal design, you can also score points at any festival. Our favourite is an elegant snake design: 🐍

    Schlangen Nagel Design

    Forest Green x Nail Sticker - Silver GlitterMatte Top Coat


    With these festival nail designs, you're guaranteed to be the eye-catcher at every festival. Whether you're into glitter and glamour or more natural looks, you'll find everything you need for your perfect nail design at Doonails. What are you waiting for? Get inspired by our designs and create your own festival nail design!

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