How can we help you?

Do you have questions about our Soft Gel Ons? About application, removal or do you need general information? Here you will find quick and easy answers to many frequently asked questions.

How can we help you?

Do you have questions about our Soft Gel Ons? About application, removal or do you need general information? Here you will find quick and easy answers to many frequently asked questions.

Soft Gel Press Ons


You can apply your press-ons either with the adhesive stickers provided or with nail glue. Please note the following steps:

  • File natural nails, gently push back cuticles, remove invisible cuticles at the base of the nail and roughen the nail surface.clean nails thoroughly with the cleaning cloth. Choose the right size of press-ons.
  • TIP: You usually have the same size on both hands for each nail. Press-ons that are too large can simply be filed narrower at the edges.
  • OPTION 1: Application with the ADHESIVE STICKER: Stick the adhesive sticker with protective film onto the nail and press on firmly. Remove air bubbles from the edges with the rosewood stick and peel off the protective film. Place the Press Ons at a 45-degree angle at the base of the nail and slowly lower them with a little pressure. Press on well for approx. 60 seconds.
  • 2. OPTION: Application with Nail Glue: Apply nail glue generously to the adhesive side of the Press On nail. If necessary, apply a thin layer of nail glue to the natural nail. Place the Press Ons at a 45-degree angle at the base of the nail and slowly lower them with a little pressure. Press on firmly for approx. 60 seconds.

IMPORTANT: Do not file the tip, as this can cause the sealant of the top coat to come loose/peel. It is best to file the press-ons narrower only on the sides.

If you use the adhesive stickers provided, the press-ons will usually last around 5-7 days. If you stick them on with the Doonails nail glue, they will last for approx. 14 days. The durability always depends on the individual application and the stress on the nails.

Possible reasons for a shorter shelf life are:

  • Pool and salt water
  • High stress on the nails
  • Oily oils or creams
  • Aggressive rinsing and cleaning agents
  • Incorrect application

Our Press On Box contains everything you need for a manicure and the Press Ons themselves no longer need to be filed. However, it is an advantage if you file your natural nails into shape and roughen the surface before applying the Press Ons. You will need a file for this.

If you use adhesive stickers, make sure you apply them carefully to the natural nail: Always stick the stickers to the nail with protective foil and then remove all air bubbles with a light brush. This works particularly well with the enclosed rosewood stick. Only then do you remove the protective film and press the press-ons firmly onto the natural nail. If you prefer to use nail glue, always apply a sufficient amount to the adhesive surface of the press-ons to completely fill the "cavity" between your natural nail and the press-on nail. You can also apply a thin layer of nail glue to your natural nail.

No, the adhesive stickers can only be used once, as they lose their adhesive strength afterwards.

You should not skimp on glue on the press ons. You can also apply glue to the natural nail, but make sure you apply a thin layer. If there is any glue on the edges of the nail after applying the press-ons, you can simply wipe it off with a tissue before it has dried.

If you attach your press ons with adhesive stickers, you can use them until they no longer look nice to you. However, before using them again, make sure that no adhesive residue is left on the underside and that all oil residue is removed.

If you attach your press ons with nail glue, you will most likely only be able to use them once, as a remover is required to remove them, which will probably change the appearance of your press ons. The adhesive residue is also very difficult to remove.

An unnatural look can have several causes.

  • too large a size: If the press ons are too large and therefore protrude or lie unevenly on the edges, the nails look disproportionate and detract from the overall impression.
  • Too small: If you choose press-ons that are too small, they do not cover the entire nail bed, cause unevenness and are less durable.
  • Not glued on correctly/improperly: If you do not take enough time to glue on your press-ons and do not work accurately, air bubbles can form under the press-ons or glue can overflow at the edges. This also has a negative effect on the overall look.
  • Wrong shape for your nails/hand: The shape you have chosen may look unnatural to you. Take your time to think about whether you are more the type for short, long, round, pointed or square nails and try out other shapes.

It is important that the nail plate is thoroughly cleaned with the alcohol-soaked cleaning cloth after buffing and before applying the press ons to remove any grease residue from the nail. This is the only way to ensure optimum durability.

This can happen if you bump frequently with the press ons or if you have filed too hard on the tip during application. This loosens the sealant and the top coat peels off.

Our press ons are slightly curved to lie perfectly on the natural nail. Very flat, soft natural nails can possibly cause pain, as the firm connection forces them into the same "tunnel curvature" as the press ons and there are permanent tensile forces. Another reason for pain can be choosing the wrong size. Especially if you wear a size that is too small on your nails, this can also exert unpleasant pressure, but sometimes it is just a question of getting used to it. After 1-2 days, the initial pressure should usually be over.

No need to worry! Our press ons are made from an innovative gel formula and contain neither HEMA nor DI-HEMA. They are also free from benzoyl peroxide, which can often cause skin irritation and allergies. This makes them the ideal choice for allergy sufferers!

That's not a problem. Just make sure you choose the adhesive stickers to match the width of your nails and always place them at the base of the nail. Even if there is still space to the tip of the nail, sufficient hold is guaranteed.

If you are working with adhesive stickers, we recommend that you do not use nail oil or creams, as this can have a negative effect on durability. If you use nail glue, you can care for your cuticles as usual.


  • Apply nail oil to the edges of the nails and massage in well to make it easier to remove the glue/stickers.
  • Add warm water, 1-2 pipettes of nail oil and 2 pumps of soap to a bowl. If you have used nail glue, add about 10 ml of Doonails Remover to the oil bath and leave the nails to soak for about 10 minutes.
  • During this time, keep lifting and loosening the press ons with the rosewood stick until they come off completely.
  • Soak in the oil bath again for a few minutes if necessary.
  • Gently remove any glue residue with the buffer.
  • Treat nails with nail oil.

Removing the press ons is super easy and cares for your nails and hands at the same time. It is important that the water is pleasantly warm and that you add a little soap of your choice, as this ensures that the oil and water mix well.

Yes, you can remove your press ons at any time using our removal method. If you have only been wearing them for a short time and they are therefore still stuck to your natural nails, you can simply add more oil and remover to the water bath and leave them to soak a little longer. Keep using the rosewood stick to lift and loosen the press ons.

If you have applied your press ons with nail glue, the combination of remover, nail oil, warm water and soap is the perfect mixture for efficient and gentle removal. Our remover is ideal for dissolving the stubborn nail glue under the press-ons.

Washing-up liquid has the same effect as soap: it acts as an emulsifier and ensures that water and oil mix well. Just be careful not to use aggressive agents, otherwise the nourishing effect of the oil bath will be lost.


We made a small mistake with the naming: Mon Cheri is the darker shade of red in our press ons, while Rose Red is the lighter shade. The reverse is true for the dipping powders.

We strongly advise against filing the press ons into a different shape, as filing at the tip of the nail can loosen the seal with the top coat and cause it to peel over time.

We have opted for 15 different sizes so that we can guarantee to offer the right one for everyone. This means we even have 3 sizes more than many other suppliers. If the press ons are too large, you can simply file them gently narrower at the edges. This does not affect the durability of the seal, as there is no risk of bumping the edges.

There are currently 20 colours/designs in 4 different shapes. But we will be adding more great colours and designs to our press on range in the near future.

General information

Yes, the adhesive stickers are included in every Press On box. 30 adhesive stickers in 15 different sizes.

Yes, a rosewood stick is included in every Press On box.

Yes, there are always 2 wipes in every Press On box.

The cleaning cloth is soaked in alcohol, which helps to remove any oily residue on the nails.

No, our rosewood sticks are not available individually in the shop. However, they are included in the remover tools set and the pedicure set.

No, the press ons are only available in the box including adhesive stickers, rosewood sticks and cleaning wipes.

First of all, don't panic. This is harmless and can happen with any manicure method if, for example, the nails are still a little damp from washing your hands before application or if the press ons can already be lifted off easily and air gets underneath. Bacteria can easily collect underneath and the nail turns greenish in colour at this point. It is now important to keep the affected nail dry and allow the greenie to grow out. You can then continue as normal with the manicure method of your choice. However, if you are unsure whether it is a nail fungus, I would advise you to seek advice from a pharmacy.

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