Our Favorite Color Combos for Spring

Our Favorite Color Combos for Spring

Whether it's selected accents, wild patterns, or mismatched manis, there's no better time than spring to transfer your creativity directly onto your fingertips. We'll show you how to combine the trendiest colours of the season for the ultimate spring look.
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By now, no one can deny that spring has truly arrived! Finally, it's the time of renewal, freshness, and vibrant colors. And what better way to channel this revitalizing energy than onto our nails?

After taking a close look at our top colors for this season in the last post, today we'll show you how to combine them to make your nails truly shine 🤝

  1. Valentine Crush
  2. Lavender Mist
  3. Pearl Perfect
  4. Smooth Avocado
  5. Honey
  6. Baby Blue


Valentine Crush

As a soft pastel pink, Valentine Crush embodies the delicacy and elegance of spring, making it perfect for minimalist designs or as a base for playful nail art. When combined with pink glitter, you add a generous dose of shine and glamour to your look, while a vibrant red creates an exciting contrast, symbolizing the blooming love of spring.

Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Rosa, Rot und mit Glitzer


If you prefer more understated colors, the interplay of pastel tones is just right for you. This creates an elegant and timeless look that exudes lightness, tranquility, and serenity. This composition ensures a wonderful harmony that subtly captures the diversity and beauty of spring.

Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Rosa, Creme, Blau, Grau


Lavender Mist

This lilac hue is a timeless choice for spring, lending your nails an elegant yet playful touch. What could be better than pairing it with the freshness and vibrancy of pastel green? The combination evokes a blooming spring meadow, where the first crocuses emerge. Together, these two colors create a calming yet refreshing atmosphere that enlivens the senses and perfectly expresses the beauty of spring.

Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Pastellgrün und Flieder


This duo exudes a completely different dynamic: The interplay of delicate lilac and intense pink creates a vibrant and electrifying contrast that captures all attention. Together, they lend your nails a playful and modern aesthetic that perfectly complements the lively energy of spring.

Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Pink und Flieder


At the end of the day, Lavender Mist is still a wonderfully tranquil and versatile color that pairs excellently with other natural shades, whether they be soft beige, peach, or taupe tones.

Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Pfirsich, Rosa, Flieder und Grau


Pearl Perfect

With its delicate pearlescent shimmer, Pearl Perfect is a wonderful accent color that pairs especially well with similarly soft hues. Combining it with pastel colors such as sky blue, lilac, or rose creates a harmonious palette that exudes a calming and elegant aura. Whatever mix you choose, you'll add a touch of subtle beauty to your manicure, ensuring you're always on trend.

Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Perlmutt, Flieder und Hellblau


Smooth Avocado

This color is an incredibly refreshing choice for the current season, enveloping your fingertips in a gentle spring breeze. The calm and balanced nature of pastel green makes it an ideal base color that pairs wonderfully with various shades of green, in addition to Lavender Mist, to create a vibrant and harmonious image. Adding a few selected glitter accents also provides the necessary touch of bling and crowns your look with style.

Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Dunkelgrün, Pastellgrün und Glitzer Silber



The warm hue of Honey infuses your fingertips with a sunny liveliness, while the subtle glitter effect adds a touch of glamour. Combining it with orange or brown tones creates an inviting harmony reminiscent of warm sunsets and invigorating forest walks. Together, they produce a fascinating composition that appeals to the senses and makes the nails shine in an inviting ensemble.

Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Weiß, Hellgelb, Orange und Braun
Snow White, Honey, Spicy Ginger, Happy Halloween

Baby Blue

The cool freshness of Baby Blue pairs perfectly with other shades of blue, creating a palette reminiscent of the clear spring sky and white clouds. Combining it with various shades of blue and coarse glitter creates a vibrant and dynamic aesthetic that invigorates the senses and beautifully showcases your nails.

Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Azurblau, Hellblau und Glitzer Blau


Moreover, Baby Blue can also be effectively combined with warmer earth tones to create a harmonious contrast. Together, they produce a fascinating composition that captures the diversity of nature.


Präsentationsnägel in den Farben Azurblau, Hellblau, Hellgelb und Braun


Spring offers limitless opportunities to bring the magic of this season to your fingertips. From soft pastel tones to vibrant hues, from delicate shades to bold contrasts - the versatility of colors allows us to get creative and create our own unique spring look 🌸

So, let yourself be inspired by this mood and seize the opportunity to try out new combinations and make your look truly special ✨

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