Swipe French Design

Swipe French Design

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Required products:

How it works

💚 Apply Base Coat and dip 2 fingers of your choice in "Honey" and the remaining fingers in "Warm Olive".

💚 Apply Activator and let it dry for 2 minutes.

💚 Take a fineliner brush and apply a little of the Base Coat with it.

⚠️ Note that your brush can harden quickly, so clean it immediately with our Acetone Remover.

💚Draw a line with it in a stroking motion on the tip of your nail and after this step, dip your nail alternately in "Warm Olive" and "Exclusive".

💚 Reapply the Activator and leave to dry for two minutes.

💚 File your nails

💚 Apply the Activator one last time and let it dry for two minutes.

💚 Apply 2 coats of Top Coat and let them dry for 2 minutes each.

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