Silver Flakes

Silver Flakes

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How it works

Have you tried our Silver or Golden Flakes Dipping Powders? 😍

Well, we've done it for you! They are simply the best!
In this tutorial, we used our Latte Dipping Powder shade and our Silver Flakes Dipping Powder shade.

The steps are as simple as ever!

Apply 2 coats of Latte Dipping Powder on all your nails.
Apply the Base Coat and dip the ring finger nail in the Silver Flakes Dipping Powder for a fuller silver look.
For the middle nail and thumb, apply the Base Coat and sprinkle silver flakes with our thin brush in some places for a soft silver look and immediately dip them in the Base Coat powder.
PS: If you are a beginner, watch our beginner video to learn how to apply 2 coats of dip powder with full coverage 🦋.

Apply Activator and Top Coat ✨.

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