Abstract Greens Tutorial

Abstract Greens Tutorial

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Dark meadows, deep forests, and shimmering gold accents – all combined on your nails 🍃✨

Here's how it's done:

  1. First, we prepare our nails thoroughly for the upcoming design. We gently push back the cuticles, remove the invisible cuticle with a buffer, roughen our natural nails, and shape them in advance.
  2. Next, we apply a thin layer of Base Coat to all nails and dip them one by one into our Base Powder. This creates a stable foundation that makes our manicure durable and protects our natural nails from discoloration.
  3. Then, let's focus on our index finger and thumb: Here, we apply another thin layer of Base Coat and dip them into our beautiful dark green shade, Khaki. For a richer color, we repeat the process.
  4. Now, we turn to our pinky finger: After a thin layer of Base Coat, we dip the fingertip in Warm Olive and sprinkle the rest of the nail with the Base Powder. We repeat the process here for a wonderfully intense result.
  5. Next, we apply enough Activator to all nails and let it cure for 2 minutes, as usual.
  6. Finally, let's work on the ring and middle fingers, where we create an exciting abstract design: We apply Base Coat in streaks on the nails and alternate dipping in Warm Olive and Khaki.
  7. Afterward, we apply some more Base Coat where we want to add sparkling accents with our Gold Foil. We can smooth the foil with tweezers.
  8. To protect the design during filing, we apply a final thin layer of Base Coat and Base Powder. Then, we apply Activator generously and let it dry for 2 minutes.
  9. Any unevenness can now be gently smoothed with a buffer, and the edges of the nails can be filed into shape if necessary. As always, we follow this step with Activator one last time.
  10. Finally, we make our nails shine with 2 layers of Top Coat and nourish our cuticles with some nail oil.

How do you like our abstract design? Which colors would you like to try for it? 🎨💫

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