Manicure fill up

Manicure fill up

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How it works


Use the Doonails manicure stick to push back the cuticles and shape them as best you can.



In turn, file each nail very thoroughly and roughen the nails with the coarse side of the nail file until the top layer of the manicure is filed off. After filing, the surface should be relatively smooth.



Apply a thin layer of Base Coat completely on the nail and then dip it directly into the Dipping Powder of your choice. Gently brush away the excess powder.



Repeat this step for a beautifully intense colour result.



Next, use the Activator Coat on your nails and leave it on for 2 minutes. After the curing time, carefully file your nail surface to achieve the desired shape and thickness. Use the fine side of the file to do this.



Apply another thin coat of Activator Coat on your nails and let it dry for 2 minutes.



Finally, apply the Top Coat of your choice (Top Coat glossy or Top Coat matt) and wait 2 minutes.



Repeat step 7 to finish your fresh new Doonails manicure.


Your Dipping Powder Manicure will not only impress with its striking look, but more importantly, it will stay on for up to 4+ weeks and is super strong on your nails. To keep your nails looking like they just came from the salon, you can touch them up after a while with the Doonails Dipping Powder application for a fresh new look.

When filling up your nail manicure, you can choose a different length or nail shape, as well as a whole new design. Filling up your nails is not only practical because you don't have to remove and then renew the whole Dipping Powder manicure, but, provides nail stability and promotes natural growth.

Filling your nails yourself at home takes very little time and effort, but provides that wow effect and fresh-from-the-salon feel to your nails.

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