Nails in the neon look

Nails in the neon look

Neon nails are THE summer trend. Let us inspire you to show off your nails with neon colours.
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Neon colours in summer are like coffee and cake - an absolute dream combination! We'll show you how to show off your nails with bright colours.


  1. Monochrome look
  2. Colour mix and wild patterns
  3. Glitter combination and foil accents

    1. Monochrome look

    Show up in bright neon and make a statement with our 4 eye-catching shades that no one will soon forget. Whether electrifying yellow, radiant green, vibrant pink or captivating coral shade. We have the right mood booster for every situation 💃

    Knalliges Pinkes Nagel Design


    Knalliges Neon Orange Nagel Design


    Neon Gelbes Nagel Design



    Neon Grünes Nagel Design


    2. Colour mix and wild patterns

    Do you enjoy expressing yourself, don't stick to old conventions and want to express your innermost self with every fibre of your being? Then wild patterns and unusual neon combinations are just the thing for you.

    Heat Waves Nagel Design mit knalligen Neon Tönen
    Pride Nagel Design mit Neon Farben


    3. Glitter combo and foil accents

    Let's face it, when is the saying "more is more" more appropriate than in summer? Top off your neon nails with your favourite glitter or set selected accents with our metallic foils. Add fascinating dimensions to your manicure and you're guaranteed to be the centre of attention.

    Neon Ombre Nagel Design mit Glitzer Elementen


    Pinke Neon Nägel mit Gold Folie

    So what are you waiting for? Show off all your colours and make a statement with your nails! 💃

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