Love Is in the Air: Enchanting Nail Designs for Valentine's Day

Love Is in the Air: Enchanting Nail Designs for Valentine's Day

Tacky little hearts, sparkling accents, red and pink as far as the eye can see—Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what could be more fitting than a touch of love on your fingertips?
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Whether you've planned a romantic date, inviting your BFFs for a chill evening with Lillet and "Love Island," or treating yourself to some valuable me-time - your nails deserve an extra dose of love for Valentine's Day. Finding the perfect manicure for this occasion is not always easy with the seemingly endless options, but help is on the way: In this post, we've put together the designs that will make your heart beat faster. And let's be honest, they last longer than a box of chocolates anyway. So scroll through and choose your favourite look!


  1. All the Shades
  2. Sieger der Herzen
  3. Minimalistic Chic
  4. Schillernd und funkelnd 


All the Shades

For your Valentine's Day nails, not only passionate red suits, but playful pink tones and seductive berry nuances can infuse a hint of love into your fingertips. Wear your nails in a classic single colour, mix different tones together, or create interesting colour gradients. What will you go for? 💅


Ovale Nägel in Pink, Rot und Glitzer
Ovale Nägel mit Ombré in Pink
Ovale Nägel in Rot
Eckige Nägel in Lila
Ovale Nägel in dunklem Beerenton


Hearts' Champions

Wear your heart on your sleeve—or on your nails! If you love playful designs and exude romance on Valentine's Day, then these looks are perfect for you. Whether as selected accents, with glitter, monochrome, or all-over, you're living the motto to the fullest! ❤️‍🔥


Oval Nails with Glitter Heart
Square Nails in Red and Pink with Hearts
Square Nails in Pink with Hearts
Square Nails with Glitter and White Hearts


Minimalistic Chic

Are you more a fan of simpler nail designs? No problem! Top your favorite nude shade with rhinestones or stickers, elevate your look with small playful accents, or go for the classic baby boomer design. Love can also be subtle 💗


Oval Nails in Baby Boomer Look

Rosie, Snow White

Oval Nails in Nude with Glitter Stone

Latte, Rhinestones

Oval Nails with Glitter French

Soft Gel Press Ons Medium Round Golden French

Short Nails in Chrome Look

Soft Gel Press Ons Short Square Prosecco


Radiant and Sparkling

Who needs roses and chocolates when your nails can look outrageously good? Whether as a delicate highlight, bold statement, or to complement your nail design, for a strong appearance and an extra dose of shine and glamour, you can't go wrong with glitter! ✨


Short Nails in Purple with Glitter

Bang Bang, Mermaid

Short Nails with Glitter French

Cream, New Years Eve

Short Nails with Chunky Glitter


Long Nails in Red with Gold Flakes

Lipstick, Gold Foil

Long Nails with Pink Glitter

Soft Gel Press Ons Medium Almond Rose Cateye


However you spend the upcoming Valentine's Day—let yourself be inspired by our looks, unleash your creativity, and enjoy some precious time with yourself 🫶✨

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