Company profile Doonails

Company profile Doonails

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The increasing popularity of nail care from home

Self-care is a hot topic these days. The Covid-19 pandemic and home isolation made it increasingly important to take time for yourself, both physically and mentally. Among other things, women spend more time on grooming rituals: 10% more time than before the pandemic was spent on nail care. Spending on nail care products also reflected this trend and tripled after the pandemic broke out. But "do it yourself" is still in vogue: the global market for nail care products was estimated at USD 19.10 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 5.2% between 2022 and 2030. With the help of specially developed products, people can now create beautiful and long-lasting manicures at home. But despite the wide range of products available, people either have long drying times, UV lamps that are harmful to the skin in the long run, or they have to compromise on durability.

Europe's first-mover in nail care innovation Dipping Powder
Product innovations created a new solution on the market: Dipping Powder. By dipping your finger in a refined acrylic powder, you can quickly and easily create a long-lasting and beautiful manicure from home with a little practice. Beauty start-up Doonails brought the trend from the US to Europe and is now successfully supplying the DACH region and the Netherlands. When buying a Dipping Powder set from Doonails, one receives all the necessary components to get started with the manicure at home.

From a group of friends from South Tyrol to an all-round entrepreneurial team

In the midst of the pandemic, co-founder Elisa Walder realised how difficult it is to find the perfect manicure solution for herself. Traditional nail polish is often damaged within hours and long drying times cause frustration. A nail salon, while providing perfect results, is expensive and time-consuming in the long run. Gel nails require UV lamps, which accelerate skin ageing and are harmful. During her research, she came across Dipping Powder, which immediately convinced her. Even though before that Elisa only worked in the hospitality industry in the family business on the Alm and was only interested in beauty, she knew: I want to perfect this system and make it accessible to all nail lovers. Elisa specialized in developing Dipping Powder products in 2020, while the rest of the four-member all-round team covers other areas of the company's start-up. CEO Lukas Windegger scored with marketing skills, COO Roman Schiefer brought tech skills and Creative Director David Windegger complemented the team with a creative mind. Today, the Doonails team consists of more than 30 employees working remotely around the world to take Doonails to the next level.

Big goals

"Our vision is to offer the best and most innovative manicure solution in the world, allowing everyone to get perfect nails from home and connecting manicure lovers around the world," says Elisa Walder. After conquering the DACH region, the focus is currently on expanding into the Netherlands. But this will change as early as Q2 2023, as "then we plan to reach and win over France and Italy as target countries," says CEO Lukas Windegger.

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