Purple Rain Design

Purple Rain Design

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Required products:

How it works

☝️ Apply "Purple Rain" on your thumb, index and middle fingers.

✌️ Apply "Earl Grey" on the little finger.

💜 Apply "Coconut" on your ring finger

Wipe with the Base Coat brush to remove excess product and paint a small area on the nail.

🖐 Dip your finger in "Purple Rain"

💜 Paint 2x a small section on the nail and dip your nail a total of twice in "Purple Rain" and twice in "Earl Grey".

💜Apply Activator to all nails and let dry for two minutes. Then file your nails

💜Apply the Activator a second time and let dry for two minutes.

💜Apply the first layer of Top Coat and put the silver foils inside. Apply another layer of Top Coat and let it dry for 2 minutes.

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