Knit Tutorial

Knit Tutorial

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Looking for a fantastic nail design that you can create with our Nail Art Tools? Then this knitted pattern look might be just right for you! 🧵



And here's how simple it is:

  1. First, prepare your nails as usual for the upcoming design: gently push back the cuticles with a manicure stick or cuticle pusher and remove the invisible cuticles at the nail edge. Then shape the nails and gently roughen the entire nail surface with a buffer. 
  2. Next, apply a thin layer of Base Coat and dip into our Base Powder. This protects your nails from discoloration and ensures a stable structure. 
  3. Apply another thin layer of Base Coat on all nails. Then dip the thumb, index, and middle fingers in Earl Grey, and the ring and pinky fingers in Coconut. Repeat the process on all nails for a more intense color result. 
  4. Now, our Nail Art Tools come into play: Using the silicone Fineliner Pen, pick up some Base Coat and draw lines on both sides of the nail, with some distance from the edge, from the nail bed to the tip. Sprinkle the color that is already on the nail over these lines. Between the two lines, draw light waves and sprinkle the powder gently over the nail. Finally, add a row of dots to the free spaces at the nail edge, using the shovel end of the cuticle pusher to apply color. Repeat this process to create the typical 3D structure of the knitted pattern. We recommend working in stages, i.e., first 2 layers of lines, then 2 layers of waves, and finally 2 layers of dots. Brush off any excess powder very carefully. 
  5. If necessary, clean the nail edges with a manicure stick. This ensures a nice and even result, preventing any dipping residue on the cuticles that could cause lifting during regrowth. 
  6. Next, generously apply Activator to all nails and let it dry for 2 minutes.
  7. Smooth out any unevenness on the nail edges and surface with a file, if necessary, to shape the nails.
  8. Apply another round of Activator and let it cure for another 2 minutes.
  9. Finally, seal the design with 2 layers of Matte Top Coat and nourish your cuticles with some nail oil.

What do you call such three-dimensional designs? We think they are a lot of fun and look amazing 😍

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