French Pedicure Design

French Pedicure Design

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French is not only an absolute eyecatcher on your fingernails but also looks incredibly good on your feet. It's not as difficult as you might think - we promise! We'll show you 2 methods to make your feet shine with a French design! 💫


Let's go!


  1. Just like with our fingernails, we'll start by preparing our feet for the upcoming design. If you like, you can pamper them with a warm foot bath first and then use a pumice stone. Also, it's easier to push back and remove the cuticles when the skin is slightly softened. However, be sure to wait at least an hour before starting the dipping process to allow your toenails enough time to dry completely and regain their full stability.
  2. Next, lightly roughen the surface of your toenails with a buffer before applying the first thin layer of Base Powder and sprinkling each nail with our Base Powder. You can gently remove any excess powder with a brush.
  3. Now, let's get down to business. You can choose between the following approaches:


Option Number 1:

Apply another layer of Base Coat and sprinkle the nail with the color #Latte. Then, take some Base Coat on the brush and draw a thin line with the tip of the brush. Now, sprinkle it all with the color #Snow White. 


Option Number 2:

Alternatively, carefully tape off the nail tips with some adhesive tape. Then, apply the Base Coat (don't worry if some of it gets onto the tape) and sprinkle the nail with the color #Latte. Afterward, gently remove the tape, apply some Base Coat to the gap, and sprinkle the nail tips with #Snow White. This method is particularly suitable if you find it challenging to apply a straight line freehand. 


  1. Before applying our Activator and letting it cure for 2 minutes, use a wooden stick to go along the nail edge and remove any excess material if necessary. 
  2. Next, file the edges into shape and gently smooth the nail surface. Then, apply another layer of Activator, letting it dry for 2 minutes as usual. 
  3. Finally, seal our French design with 2 coats of Top Coat and gently massage some nail oil into the cuticles.

Which method do you like best? Whatever you choose, our tutorial will definitely help you achieve the French pedicure! So, what are you waiting for? Give your feet a little more attention - we wish you a lot of fun! 🦶✨

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