Fall French Tutorial

Fall French Tutorial

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We love French designs in all possible variations. It's clear that we've come up with a tutorial for the autumn season inspired by its colors. 


Let’s do this! 🍂


  1. As always, we thoroughly prepare our nails for the upcoming manicure. How about starting with a relaxing hand and nail bath? Simply fill a bowl with warm water and add some nail oil. Soak your hands in it for about 10 minutes, then dry them thoroughly. 


Note: Please remember to wait for at least an hour before you start dipping to allow the nail to dry completely and regain its full strength. Use the meantime to push back and remove your cuticles thoroughly. Everything is easier and more thorough when it's slightly softened. 


  1. After buffing our nails with a buffer, we can get started. As always, we start with a thin layer of base coat and dip our fingers one by one into the base powder. 
  2. As with any French look, our beloved dip tray comes into play again. Depending on whether we prefer a narrow or slightly wider smile line, we choose the respective side of the tray. So, let's start with our first color, #WarmOlive: We put some of it in our dip tray and gently tap it on the table to create an even powder surface. 
  3. We apply another thin layer of base coat and slowly slide the nail into the color until we are satisfied with the French tip. We sprinkle the rest of the nail with our base color #CottonCandy. We gently tap off any excess powder. For optimal coverage and color intensity, we repeat the process a second time. Once we're done with one color, we return any remaining powder to the jar and move on to the next shade.
  4. When all fingers have their coats of color, it's time for our activator. We apply this generously to all nails and let it cure for 2 minutes.
  5. Any unevenness is smoothed out gently with a buffer, and if necessary, we file our nails a little. Another layer of activator follows, which we let dry for 2 minutes.
  6. Finally, we seal our fall French design with 2 coats of top coat. 


So, are you already in an autumn mood? If so, you should definitely incorporate this tutorial into your fall routine. If not, you should definitely incorporate this tutorial into your fall routine 😜🍂

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