Faded Nails

Faded Nails

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How it works

The Fades Nails look creates a flowing colour gradient where a lighter colour transitions into a darker colour in a smooth transition.

The trendy transition effect, which is strongly geared towards the very famous ombré nails, naturally works not only from the nail bed to the tip of the nail, i.e. from bottom to top, but also across the nail from left to right.

With the Faded Nails technique, you create a total eye-catcher manicure in salon quality. The look is particularly suitable for creating a WoW moment on individual nails, but also looks great as a complete manicure.

The design looks incredibly intricate and difficult to apply, but can easily be created at home with a little practice with the Doonails Professional Dipping Powder Kit.


First, prepare your nails for the treatment.
Gently push your cuticles back with the Doonails manicure stick and file your nails into the desired shape. Then lightly roughen the surface of the nail with the fine side of the file.

Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and dip your nail directly into the base powder. Then gently pat off the excess powder and use the brush to brush off.

Now apply another thin layer of Base Coat. Dip the cosmetic brush into one of the two colour powders of your choice and spread it over one half (vertically) of your nail using light tapping and dabbing motions. Then repeat with the 2nd colour powder on the free half of the nail.

Then gently brush off.

Repeat step 3.

Use the Activator Coat on your nails and leave it on for 2 minutes.
After the curing time, carefully file your nail surface to get the desired shape and thickness. Use the fine side of the file to do this.

Apply another thin layer of Activator Coat on your nails and leave it on for 2 minutes.

Finally, apply the Top Coat, wait 2 minutes and repeat this step to get a glossy finish.

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