Barbie Ombre Nails

Barbie Ombre Nails

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The new Barbie film has already captivated Team Doonails. If you're just as excited as we are or have always been a Barbie Girl at heart, then this design is just perfect for you 💖.

Here's how to do it:

  1. After preparing our nails as usual for the upcoming powder session, we start with a layer of Base Coat and Base Powder.
  2. Next, we apply another layer of Base Coat and dip our fluffy brush into the colour #Barbie-Girl. Using patting motions, we spread this onto the lower half of the nail.
  3. We do the same at the tip using #Afterparty. It's important to have enough powder on the brush and evenly tap it over the nails.
  4. After gently removing the excess powder with a clean brush, we repeat the entire process to achieve a more intense ombre effect.
  5. To protect the colour during the subsequent filing, we apply another layer of Base Coat and Base Powder.
  6. Now, we generously apply Activator to all nails and let it dry for about 2 minutes. Afterward, we can smooth out any irregularities with a buffer and file the nails into shape if necessary.
  7. We apply Activator one last time and let it cure for about 2 minutes again. Then, we seal our Barbie design with 2 coats of Top Coat and treat our cuticles with a bit of nail oil for extra care.

Did you enjoy our tutorial? Then make a statement with your nails and unleash your inner Barbie! 👱‍♀️💄👗

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