Autumn Aura Design

Autumn Aura Design

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Can't decide which of our new autumn colors to try first? With our Autumn Aura design, you don't have to. 

We'll show you how! 🔮🧿💫🍂

  1. First, we prepare our nails for the upcoming design: Using a wooden cuticle stick or manicure stick, we gently push back our cuticles and remove the invisible cuticle on the nail plate with a buffer. If there is any excess skin, we carefully trim it and shape our nails to the desired form. 
  2. Next, we apply a thin layer of base coat to the nail and then dip it in the base powder. We can easily remove any excess powder with a brush. We repeat this process on all the nails.
  3. After that, we apply another thin layer of base coat and dip our fingers in the color Peach Blush, which serves as the base color for our Aura design. For a more intense color result, we repeat the process. 
  4. Now, let's get creative: We apply another thin layer of base coat, then take a clean brush and dip it into one of the three colors. Afterward, we gently tap it over the nail, so the color is most intense in the middle and gradually fades towards the outer edges. After waiting a short moment, we gently brush off any excess. 
  5. Repeat this process on all the nails, alternating between Sweater Weather, Spicy Ginger, and Khaki. Depending on your mood, you can also mix the colors to create beautifully autumnal dimensions. 
  6. Next, apply a generous layer of activator and let it cure for 2 minutes.
  7. Finally, seal our design with 2 coats of top coat and nourish our cuticles with some nail oil.

Which colors would you like to try the look with? 

No matter how you decide, with our tutorial, you can easily recreate the viral trend 💅

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