Application for beginners

Application for beginners

Remove Dipping Powder with the Pro Remover Set - Bowl Reading Application for beginners 2 minutes

Hoe begin je aan je Doonails Dipping Powder Manicure.

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Our tips:

  • Do not use lotions for application as the greasy surface of the nails reduces adhesion.
  • Be sure to paint only one nail at a time and immediately dip it in the powder before moving to the next finger.
  • Apply only a thin layer of the liquids at a time to avoid unwanted distortion or thickening.
  • Gently brush away excess powder after each application.
  • Take your time between each step to achieve the best results.
  • Be careful with the cuticles to avoid air bubbles under the layers.
  • Adhere to the indicated waiting times between activator - file - topcoat.
  • Apply enough Activator Coat so that the powder adheres optimally and no air bubbles form at the edges. Do not forget the tip and edges of the nail.

Frequently asked questions

How can dipping powder be removed?

Doonail's dipping powder is best removed with our remover kit. This method is simple, quick and gentle on the nail. The special Doonail's acetone does not dry out the nails.

Detailed instructions can be found here.

As Dipping Powder is not a "varnish", it cannot be removed with conventional nail polish remove

Are there any video tutorials for nail designs?

Yes, of course! We have all the video tutorials together on one page.

Is it possible with nail extensions?
The Dipping Powder will perfectly bond to both natural and artificial nails.
Applying to nail extensions is the same as applying to natural nails.
Does it also work with short nails?

Of course it does! Doonails works equally well with short and long nails. It can also be easily applied to thin or frizzy nails.


You can also download detailed instructions here.

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