Stickers, foils and rhinestones

Stickers, foils and rhinestones

Nail art is one of the most creative and interesting ways to make our nails shine.

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In recent years, nail art has become an increasingly popular trend and has provided a multitude of creative ways to beautify our nails. One way to give nails a personal touch is with stickers, foils and stones.


  1. Stickers
  2. Foils
  3. Rhinestones

Stickers on nails
Nail stickers are an easy way to decorate your nails. Using nail stickers is easy and requires no special skills. You can simply apply the sticker to the nail and press gently to create a smooth surface.


Nagelsticker Design
Blaues Glitzer Nageldesign


Nail foils are another great way to decorate your nails. Note: don't apply the foil all over the nail, but use it selectively to get a nice effect.


Lipstick mit Rosefolie Nageldesign
Lipstick Nageldesign


Using rhinestones on the nails is another way to decorate your nails. These rhinestones come in different shapes, colours and sizes and can be placed on the nail to create a sparkling and eye-catching design.

Bubble Gum Glitzer
Muschel Nageldesign

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