Simple designs for work

Simple designs for work

Monochrome nails, French manicures and minimalist designs are some of the nail trends that are appropriate and stylish at work.
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When it comes to styling for work, it is often difficult to find the right look.

You want to look professional, but at the same time exude a personal touch and individuality. Nail designs can be a great way to show personality and style. In this post, we will show you some nail inspiration that is perfect for work.


  1. French Nails
  2. Nude
  3. Glossy Nails
  4. Single accent nail

1. French nails

A classic French manicure is a timeless look that always looks professional and attractive. The look is simple and sleek, and can be customised in different colours and shapes. This manicure is easy to maintain and goes with any outfit.

French Nails Snow White

2. Nude 

Nude shades are a good choice for the workplace because they are sophisticated and elegant. A simple but effective method is to paint your nails in a soft shade of pink or beige. These colours look good on both short and longer nails.

Nude Nails Sunday Brunch
Nude Nails Latte
Schlichte Nägel für die arbeit Cookie

3. Glossy nails

For a subtle but glamorous look, simply add a glossy finish to your nails. A simple clear nail polish can give your look that extra touch without being too flashy. This look is perfect for women who want to add a subtle but shiny touch.

Transparenter Nagel Ghost Clear

4. Single accent nail

Another way to make the nail design more interesting is to add a single accent nail. You can paint this nail a different colour or decorate it with a subtle design. For example, you can dip one or two nails in a glitter powder for a special effect.


Herz Nageldesign
Dark Dream mit Rose Folien

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