Nail trends 2023

Nail trends 2023

In 2023, nail art will be dominated by minimalist and natural designs.
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In 2023, nail art will be dominated by minimalist and natural designs. However, that doesn't mean we won't see colours or flashy patterns. It's all about creating a subtle but stylish look.


  1. Ombre Nail Design
  2. Nail art
  3. Marble
  4. Matt combined with glossy
  5. Graphic Nail Designs
  6. Natural Look


1. Ombré designs

A big trend in 2023 will be ombré designs. This technique combines two or more colours that blend seamlessly to create a gradient effect. There are many ways to create the ombré design by adding different colours or even glitter.

Our favourite ombré designs:


Ombre Nagel Design mit Sugar und Soft Lilac
Regenbogen Ombre Nageldesign

2. Nail art

Another trend in 2023 is nail art accessories. There are many types of nail art accessories you can wear on your nails, such as stones, foils & stickers. These accessories can be glued or embedded on the nails to add a special touch.

Our favourite nail art designs:


Grün Schlangen Design Nagel Sticker Nailart
Rosefolien mit Nailart

3. Marble

Another trendy nail technique in 2023 will be the "marble" nail design. This technique mimics the look of marble stone and can be designed in many different colours and patterns. The marble design is a great way to create an elegant yet subtle look.

Our favourite marble design:


Beige Marmor Nägel
Burgundy Marmor Nägel mit Gold Folie
Marmor Design Schwarz Weiß


4. Matt combined with glossy

Another interesting combination is the mix of matt and glossy finishes on the nails. This combination gives the nails a unique texture and an interesting visual effect. Our favourite matt-shine combination:


Matt Glänzender Nagel Blau
Zopf Nagel Design Cookie Almond


5. Graphic Nail Design

Graphic designs will also play a big role in 2023. It's all about clean lines and geometric patterns drawn on the nails. These designs are perfect for women who prefer a modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Our favourite graphic designs:

Grafische Muster Naildesign
Grafisches Nagel Design


6. Natural Looks

Natural looks are another big trend this year. It's all about keeping nails neat and natural without elaborate and flashy nail designs. Natural nails are perfect for women who prefer a minimalist style.

Our favourite natural looks:


Espresso Nagel
Nude Nägel
Sand Dipping Powder

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