Doonails Gift Guide: Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift!

Doonails Gift Guide: Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift!

From starter sets to favorite colors to essential accessories – we'll show you the gifts that will spread pure Christmas joy this year.

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're still on the hunt for the perfect gift, we got you! So you don't have to resort to the obligatory socks this year, our gift guide helps you hit the bullseye! Whether you want to surprise your mom, infect your best friend with the Doonails fever, or treat yourself – no wishes will be left unfulfilled with us 🎄

  1. The perfect entry 
  2. One color is rarely enough 
  3. The most popular Doonails Dipping Powder colors
  4. Accessories & Glass Tools
  5. For a quick change
  6. Free choice


1. The perfect entry

The Doonails Starter Set is ideal for getting started in the world of dipping! From manicure stick and nail file to dipping essentials and favorite colors, as well as remover basics – here, you're perfectly equipped with everything you need, and there's no need to painstakingly gather the necessary accessories. The perfect all-in-one gift!

Dipping Powder Starter Set


2. One color is rarely enough

Whether 4, 6, 8, or 12: With the Doonails color sets, you can secure your favorites for every mood, occasion, and outfit, or do something good for your best friend and place her favorite colors under the Christmas tree.

3. The most popular Dipping Powder colors

With over 100 colors, we understand that the decision can be tough. Check out what our customers shop the most and get inspired by one or two powders – whether subtle nude, dramatic black, or seductive red tones. We have them all!

Dark Red Nail Design
Light Pink Nail Design
Nude Colored Nail Design
Dark Blue Fall Nail Design
Black Nail Design
Pink Nail Design with Glitter
Dark Nude Nail Design
Red Nail Design
Glitter Red Nail Design for Christmas


4. Accessories and Glass Tools 

For the perfect shape and a gentle finish, the right tools are indispensable. With our Premium Accessories Set, you bring home the perfect companions. Each file has its own strength and is ideal for different nail types and shapes.

Not only are they visually striking, but also incredibly effective for gentle nail care are our high-quality Glass Tools. These tools are an absolute must-have for those who value precision and quality. The set is perfect for a stop under the Christmas tree 🎁

Glass Tools

5. For a Quick Change - Soft Gel Press Ons

Our Soft Gel Press Ons are made of high-quality gel material, which not only provides stability and durability but also ensures a natural and elegant look. In just a few minutes, nails are transformed into real eye-catchers – conveniently wherever you want. A great surprise for anyone who desires full flexibility.


6. Free Choice

Gift cards are boring and unimaginative? We see it differently! With a Doonails gift card, you give boundless possibilities to choose the products that match one's needs, desires, and preferences. Who can resist that?


Finding the perfect gift is sometimes not that easy, but with this guide, the selection should now be a bit easier. With Doonails, you're not only giving high-quality products but, above all, the opportunity to spend valuable time with oneself, giving a completely new meaning to one's Me-Time. This not only brings great joy to your loved ones but also allows you to reward yourself abundantly. 

We wish you lots of fun browsing, a contemplative Christmas season, and many magical moments with your friends, family, and yourself 🎁✨

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