Baby Boomer Nails: You're always on point

Baby Boomer Nails: You're always on point

As the stunning successor to French nails, they enchant our fingertips. We'll show you what's possible with the baby boomer design.

Let's explore the exciting variations of the Baby Boomer look together and see how versatile you can wear it on your nails!


  1. The Classic
  2. Vibrant Colors in Ombre Look
  3. Glittering Accents


1. The Classic 

No wonder the traditional Baby Boomer design is an absolute favorite on many nails - the gentle transition from white to nude (or nude to white, however you prefer to see it) simply suits every occasion and complements any of your outfits. Whether short or long nails, filed straight or oval - the look is definitely a winner!


Oval nails in Baby Boomer look

Snow White, Rosie


Square nails in Baby Boomer look

Snow White, Valentine Crush


Press Ons in Baby Boomer look

Soft Gel Press Ons Babyboomer Medium Almond



2. Vibrant Colors in Ombre Look

Baby Boomer is a blend of French Nails and Ombre. If you want to spice up your nail game and simply love the subtle transition between two colors, choose the color powders you fancy the most next time. Mix bright colors together or tone it down and create a pastel-look ombre design - whatever brings you joy! 🎨


Nails in colorful Ombre look

Ombre nails in pink


Oval Ombre nails in pink

Just Friends, Soft Lilac



3. Glittering Accents

Whether you opt for the classic or prefer to experiment with different colors, a bit of glitter never hurts. You can use a powder with coarse glitter particles or a gentle shimmer, enhance your nail design with some Metallic Foils or Line Stickers, or adorn your nails with rhinestones. The possibilities for a bit of bling are endless.


Oval nails with glitter

Girly Pink, Gala Gal, Rhinestones



Which variation would you choose? ✨

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